When Tony Cicoria was 42 years old, he was hit by lightning while standing by a public telephone. He initially had problems with sluggishness and memory loss following the incident, but an EEG and an MRI showed no unusual activity. In a few weeks, Cicoria’s strength and memory returned—and he went back to work as if nothing happened.

Just one thing, though: Cicoria also developed a very sudden desire to play the piano. Though he showed no interest in such an activity earlier in his life, it was now his Mission to study and play music.


“The totally convinced and the totally stupid have too much in common for the resemblance to be accidental.”
—Robert Anton Wilson

I first read Robert Anton Wilson’s The Cosmic Trigger in 2009. It was a period in my life where I encountered, for the first time, a number of related thinkers & their ideas—including Timothy Leary & his “8-Circuit Model Of Consciousness,”  Philip K. Dick & the concept of “VALIS,” and Terence McKenna’s notion (via J. B. S. Haldane) that reality might be far weirder than we can possibly conceive of.


Today I want to talk to you about the First Conspiracy: the conspiracy behind all other conspiracies. It is essential that you thoroughly understand the First Conspiracy in order to make sense of all the others, and to not let yourself get distracted with a lot of hype and assorted craziness.

The First Conspiracy was to convince human beings that they were no more than the bricks and blocks of this material world, bound by its apparent borders & locked up within the meat of their brains. This includes the denial of an immortal soul, the denial of psychic energy and abilities, and convincing them that they were the only form of intelligence in known existence.


We need new religions for new times.

There are basic elements from older religions which still apply, I think. But I also believe we need something new and relevant for the times in which we live, reflecting the level of spiritual maturity we could have reached as a society were it not for influences that seek to kill our connection to the Source.


We have all these artifacts of history and yet history, to a degree, is an artificial concept. History isn’t tangible. You can point to “documentary” evidence of reality, or something under glass in a museum (or a scar)…but that is something that exists today, in the Now.