One of the key features of the coming age is the return of the idea of impermanence. If you are a scholar of certain Eastern philosophies, you may be familiar with the idea of impermanence: that all things must break down and fade away.

But up until the last 15 years or so, the West’s “thing” has been permanence. Let’s explore this concept and follow how it continues to be undermined in the current era.

The above image is what I made in my journal this morning instead of finishing my to-do list. I basically pasted & plastered over the to-do list. It was either that, or just abandon the journal entirely for a few days. This blog is similar; sometimes I either jump in “messy” or stay away for nearly a week. (That’s sort of my social pattern as well.)

For about 5-10 years, I was largely known for getting massively publicly (and privately) harassed on the Internet. It was constant; and I was getting literally famous for that shit! Trolling on my blog, threats of violence & death…all types of nasty anonymous emails, Twitter DMs, Facebook messages, etc. The best was when one blogger or another would just focus on me exclusively, directing massive torrents of hate my way; that was awesome.