The Daily Eris: I’m On Ducktales, Larry

Well, it’s clear to me that this site’s search engine visibility is gutted, most likely because it contains too many “Conspiracy Culture” type words. Not complaining about it, not surprised in the least about it. And my other site still has very excellent SEO.

The Singing Cowboy’s Grandchild

The above photo is of my grandfather in Brazil. He was lankily muscular & extremely tall; though his body was proportionate his hands resembled bunches of bananas. He apparently used to dress like a cowboy (“gaucho” to be precise), play the guitar, sing, and romance well-to-do women.

My Thoughts On Gender Identity, Part Two

This post continues some of the off-the-cuff observations on having a more genderfluid identity that I began here. I’m doing this for both for personal therapeutic reasons and to perhaps provide some sort of context to people who are going through similar situations. I may get shit wrong; it’s certainly possible. I’m not an expert […]

My Thoughts On Gender Identity, Part One

To be as accurate as possible at this very moment, my current gender identity is wanting to take a saw and separate the two diametrically-opposed gendered parts of me and let them finally live their separate lives in peace & productivity.

The Daily Eris: Short Sermon on the Verge of 2021

Lemme sum up the situation we are collectively entering into as 2021 is shortly upon us. Basically: we (collectively) spent so much time being concerned with Trump & his hysterics that we didn’t pay attention to a whole bunch of other things that, thanks to COVID, have greatly accelerated.

Discordianism, Meme Magick, And Political Witchcraft

Some historians & pundits believe much of what we think of as Witchcraft as a conscious tool of female empowerment was just made up in the last 50 years by people looking to sell a few more books and classes. As my Brazilian great-grandmother was a medicine woman of sorts, I have some immediate disagreement […]

The Spaceman In The Vatican Nativity Scene

The Catholic & Jesuit media (such as it is) are generally none-too-pleased with the latest nativity set displayed at the Vatican’s St. Peter’s square, which apparently includes an obvious astronaut as well as what is being described as a more sinister “Darth Vader” figure.


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