The Daily Eris: Why Can’t I Just Write About Nice Things?

There are three things I have learned never to discuss with people: religion, politics, and the Great Pumpkin. Linus The joke being, in the above quote, that the Great Pumpkin is Linus’s religion. But he had always been somewhat spiritual, quoting Bible verses & whatnot. So have I, and whenever I start talking about the […]

The Daily Eris: No F**ks Were Giveth

Good morning (afternoon or evening, depending what dot you’re at in the space-time-perceptual grid). One of the things that has become clear to me after 20+ fully adult (more or less) years on this planet is that I’m much better served being a “bridge” figure to others of different Reality Tunnel polarities than playing to […]

The Daily Eris: This Book Must Not Be Destroyed

Greetings. The most immediate impression I get of the Collective at the moment is that a rather large set of people in the U.S. are living in two completely different Reality Tunnels. Furthermore: I frankly do not feel myself to be comfortable residing solely in either Tunnel. But I never really did.

The Daily Eris: This Magic Moment

The control of anxiety has to ultimately be a spiritual discipline, the cornerstone of which is Faith. Me On this day in 312, Constantine the Great had his famous Vision of the Cross, though accounts of the exact chain of events & envisioned symbol vary. A few days ago, I had a dream that God […]

Moonology: Prominent Moon Syncs This Week

I wanted to give this topic a brief individual spotlight, as there is a lot to write in today’s Daily Eris & I didn’t want it to get lost. In short: this week started memorably with a trinity of prominent Moon-related items in the news, and will end just as memorably with some rather robust […]

Why Dogma Sucks (Only An Opinion)

So I was watching this Robert Anton Wilson lecture on YouTube, and noticed there were a few “thumbs-down” ratings. Now, I’m not against criticisms of Wilson’s work and I’ve read several essays picking apart his writings before. But I was just curious about what specific objections these YouTube viewers had to his work.

The Daily Eris: We’ve Reached The Singularity, Congratulations

If some rando free app I heard from somebody on social media that plays sketchy ads for sketchy online games can effortlessly sew in my likeness in a reasonably convincing video clip from The Avengers…I think we’re done here. The Singularity has already taken place. I’m gonna go live in that artist’s hut right off […]

The Daily Eris: Eris, Eros, Zeroes

Welcome to the Daily Eris (which autocorrect had switched to Eros; autocorrect then switching Eros to “zeroes,” then finally switching Eros back to Eris…I am so confused).

Remembering Timothy Leary On His 100th Birthday

“You cannot use butterfly language to communicate with caterpillars.”–Timothy Leary Psychologist and author Timothy Leary was born on this day in 1920. Popularly, he’s known as the guy who promoted LSD use in the 1960s (“Turn on, tune in, drop out”)—but he was far more than that. He was a futurist, an esotericist, a humorist.

The Daily Eris: Insert Click Bait Title Here

This is a rather impromptu edition of The (Semi-)Daily Eris, composed on my phone in the comfort of my own bed after eating breakfast waffles. I’m on a bit of a tear.


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