Psych! — Talking About Intuition


Let’s talk about intuition.

What is it, is it real, and where do the ducks go in the winter Mommy?

So…I’ve been intuitive my entire life. However, I have only heeded my intuition a remarkable fraction of that time span. This is because, according to the Gods, I am a bit “wishy-washy.”


You may also describe my wishy-washiness as a type of agnosticism. I am not apologizing for my wishy-washy agnosticism, as I believe it has been a valuable tool for me to navigate my (as of yet) spiritually-undisciplined metaphysical life.

The best psychics, in my opinion, are spiritually/emotionally evolved enough to be “detached” from specific outcomes. So their own ego-driven neuroses don’t “taint” their gleanings from the ether.

I am (as of yet) not that type of person.

Instead, I am the type of person who will cast the tarot cards, immediately spy “the bad cards,” and convince herself that the spread was done “wrong” and has to be redone.

This is all very unlike my mother, who is also very intuitive but extremely blunt and sure of herself. When she has an intuition about something, she just up and says it. No matter how brutal it may end up being received.

So for example…over 20 years ago, my first real job out of college. It was for a comic book publisher called Acclaim (which the hardcore comic fans in the audience, all three of them, might know better as Valiant). I loved that job. That job spoiled me for other jobs, I loved it so much.

But one day…about two years in…my mom sort of “blurted out” that I was going to lose that job soon.

It was like: “you might as well do this and that, because you’re getting laid off soon.”

And that sounded harsh. It harshed my mellow, man! And it was sooooo negative. Hadn’t she heard of the Power of Positive Thinking?

Now, the night before the job went tits-up and they mass-layoffed 2/3s of their staff (including yours truly), I had a dream. And in that dream, everyone was called into the workplace’s conference room to eat a big pizza pie. And everyone took their own slice and ran away. And then strangers began entering the office and carrying away the furniture.

Doesn’t sound too confident about the state of my company, correct? But the Agnostic was like: “well that was just a stress dream because of your crazy mom’s paranoid rantings.”

Of course…when I got into work that morning…we were all called into the conference room…and most of us were laid off.

Pizza was served. I shit you not!

So: my mom was psychic! And my dream was psychic!

Or were they?

The Agnostic wants to have a say here. And what it wants to say is:

A good deal of “intuition” is the instinctual ability to pick up countless little details other people overlook.

I now direct you to the fun 2006-2014 USA sitcom Psych. The premise of Psych is that you have this goofy young man, Shawn Spencer, who pretends to be a psychic who can solve crimes.


And he does solve crimes. But not because he is “psychic.”

Rather: Shawn Spencer is really good at picking up countless little details other people overlook.


Let’s go back to my mom’s prediction about my job. I was living with my mom at the time (so you can get a sense of how much, or rather little, $ I was being paid). Over the course of weeks and months and years, she had heard me mention my job numerous times. And perhaps, accumulated over that span, she “picked up” aspects of that workplace which demonstrated poor fiscal health.

And maybe…as the days ticked closer to the layoffs…she was observing and interpreting many tiny subtle factors that, to her blunt unsentimental estimation, equaled impending “doom” in terms of my company.

Is that “psychic?” Or is that, instead, just especially keen attention to detail?


Or is it all just a matter of semantics?