Arcanium #7: Build A New Model

For this installment of Arcanium, I decided to forgo the text collage for some recent art experiments. I’m traveling and this seemed like an easy-peasy post to put together on my phone.

With the digital work, I like to choose two images very fast–if they are next to each other on the browser menu, even better–and just layer them on top of each other. The goal is to see how many elements from the two images perfectly overlap. An exercise in spontaneous synchronicity, basically.

Now, I’ve recently also collaged/painted some actual physical pieces, something I hadn’t done in quite some time. With these, the process is a bit similar to the digital stuff in that I’m trying to do it really fast and intuitively. But it takes more prep work, obviously. And clean-up.

Now, that last piece was done on an ancient 78 record, almost 100 years old. It is made out of shellac. Do you know what shellac is? It is this resin secreted by the female lac bug:

So I thought that was really neat, using 100-year-old lac secretions in my piece.

And that’s it. Not really “art” art per se, but more like a bit of a shamanic exercise of a type.