Arcanium #6: Genghis Khan Is In Argentina


[Arcanium is a stream-of-consciousness feature that may-or-may-not have any meaning to you.]

It is important to continue to bear in mind that the knowledge gained in initiation is not dry or abstract, but existential. The initiate has an out-of-body experience that is shattering.
–Mark Booth, “The Secret History Of The World”

The law of the irreversibility of cosmic time, so terrible to those who are dwelling in illusion, is no longer binding upon the Buddha. For him, time is reversible and can even be anticipated, for the Buddha knows not the past only, but also the future. Not only can he abolish time; it is important to note that he can travel through time backwards…
–Mircea Eliade, “Images and Symbols”

I don’t think you, the reader, appreciate that the political polarization that we see today all over the world is really due to a worldview clash between scientific materialism (the liberals or Democrats in this country) and the religious/Christian worldview (the conservatives or Republicans). But each of these two worldviews gives us paradox: the former, the quantum measurement paradox of the observer effect, and the latter, the paradox of dualism…The logical paradoxes show the incompleteness of both worldviews.
–Amit Goswami, “Quantum Economics”


Horselover Fat is living in two different times and two different places; i.e. in two space-time continua; that is what took place in March 1974 because of the ancient fish-sign presented to him the month before: his two space-time continua ceased to be separate and merged. And his two identities—personalities—also merged. Later, he heard a voice thing inside his head:

“There’s someone else living in me and he’s not in this century.”

The other personality had figured it out. The other personality was thinking. And Fat—especially just before he fell asleep at night—could pick up the thoughts of this other personality, as recently as a month ago; which is to say, four-and-a-half years after the compartmentalization of the two personas broke down.
–Philip K. Dick, “VALIS”


I am in a house with all these children and teenagers (mine? or ones I care for?), plus those of a couple of other “families.” These young people seem “different”—have “powers.” Beyond that—I think they are hybrids of some type. Some look like hybrids of different animal-type creatures, others seem to be alien hybrids.

There has been some force activated to round them up. The children are so concerned that they all go to the front wall of the house, where the door is; the wall/door are slightly transparent, the children slide these tarot-like magick cards in/between this wall, to keep the bad forces away. I try to do that as well, following them.

The guardians of the other “families” are concerned and suddenly leave the house. I’m still in the house with “my” children, and some partner or guardian. We think maybe we don’t have to leave the house, but then we get a call. They want to know something regarding one of the children because of his “car registration,” but I think this is a lie. I try to bluff the person on the phone, but now I am alarmed and know I have to move everybody out of the house. I start leading them out of the house; looking at some of these children, with elongated heads, semi-autistic but very smart…I know these are alien-hybrid children of some sort.
–Dream, 2.14.15



“Both sides are fascists.
And they taint the wisdom of the ancients.
They taint all the technology they get.”
–Journal, 6.29.15