Brain Download 4.26.20: The Difference Between 5D and Virtual 5D

Here are some bits to help navigate you:

We are, obviously, in a highly transitional time. To still cling to the old ways when this is all over is to be attached to a rapidly sinking ship.

There are *always* going to be challenges. This present virus (as it is commonly understood to be) is not the last thing on this list to deal with. Neither is the current U.S. president. This is an *ongoing* struggle.

But the *narrative* being offered is that we will simply switch leaders and everything will be “all right.” This is of course highly naive.

We are fast moving from a tactile to a virtual world, virtual in every way possible. This is the *goal,* is it not? Does it not feel that way?

The goal is to eventually transfer everything to a virtual platform; the virtual platform a metaphor for a 5D existence. Only, it’s *not* 5D. It will always be a substitute. It will always be a shadow of 5D existence.

You need to properly evolve from 3D to 5D existence. You cannot stay trapped in a virtual 5D world. Because you can never be the game-master of a virtual 5D world. These virtual worlds have their own masters; and the goal of most is *commerce.*

The virtual 5D is *not* the endpoint, the end-all-be-all. But some people already think it is. People will eventually think it is “heaven,” the Afterworld. But it is *not.* It is a tool. But you are meant to *use* the tool…not the tool to use *you.*

So this will be an increasingly important topic as we move into this next era.

Chew on that for a while.

Postscript: When I refer to simulation theory, I am not referring to an actual digital creation. The digital creation is the *metaphor* for something harder to immediately conceive of.