The Quickening, The Singularity, And The “End” Of Time



One of the most important things to keep in mind is that you are currently living in the most unique time in the whole of human history.


We are within the thinnest sliver of uniqueness in comparison to the rest of the history of humankind.

Our current times are so different than the rest of human in history, in fact—in terms of everything from technology to philosophy to social constructs to art—that it’s actually really bizarre. It’s surreal.

Humanity didn’t just gradually “build up” to this point, no matter what your history books might tell you.

Rather, it’s been a quickening…a doubling, and doubling again. And doubling again.



Philosopher/author Robert Anton Wilson called this the “Jumping Jesus Phenomenon.” He explained how the total scope of human knowledge and innovation doubled upon itself since the birth of Christ, then doubled again. And doubled again.

With each passing of a new cycle—with each turn of the spiral—the window of time narrows between these evolutionary leaps. And so consider the previous century, in which the entire repository of human learning had doubled every few decades, then every year, then within the years themselves…

As this goes on and on, doubling and expanding by the minute, by the second…things would get advanced to the point where it would all just almost implode upon itself. This point is what has been referred to as the Singularity.

And that fabled moment is also the point where history “ends.”



Are we there yet?

Well, it is helpful to think of these “points” in human history not as clear cut events…you know, where one moment things are one way, and then the next moment the “doubling” happens.

Haha, but you see (now we are really beginning to get to the heart of it, here…), as we get closer to the Singularity, we more and more realize that “time” was just a construct, anyway. That it wasn’t “real” like we were taught that it was real: in this linear fashion of dates to remember…in this long line of events.



But rather, we see “time” for what it is: Everything simultaneously happening in the Now. As if every discrete moment in time were on these extremely thin slices of see-through vellum…and all these slices were stacked on top of each other. And you look through the stack from top to bottom (or from bottom to top)…and that’s really what Time is, where you are living in.

An infinite stack.

And so part of the Singularity is getting to the point where that reality is concrete to you…not merely a theory that you entertain in your head, but an absolute working fact that you can comprehend and live in.

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